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Spring Migration Celebration

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Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful and fragile wetland in the New Mexico high desert. It is a rare section of the Rio Grande that performs much like it did historically, before man altered the river, although it now requires intense management to do so. This oasis in the desert is worth protecting as it faces multiple challenges, including a shrinking water supply from the Rio Grande and problematic and inconsistent federal funding.

Refuge staff work hard to maintain habitats for the wildlife that are permanent residents, those who migrate to the Middle Rio Grande valley in spring, and the tens of thousands of birds who winter here. The refuge simply cannot do all of this important work without our support. The Friends organization, people like you, provides that support on many levels. While we cannot put more water into the river, we do provide funds for water use efficiency. We cannot change the level of federal funding, but we do provide funds to help the refuge become a very efficient conservation enterprise. Challenges are growing and needs increasing, but we are developing and implementing programs to meet them.


Enjoy expansive vistas, exquisite light, and bird songs, while getting closer to wildlife than you can in almost any other wild place. There are many ways to experience the wonder of this special habitat – you can hike, watch wildlife, photograph, educate yourself, or just breathe, meditate, and relax. Bosque del Apache offers its magic to you in every season.

Read Habitat! and bring it along as a guide on your visit (or pick up a copy at the Visitors Center). Whether you hike the trails, sit in solitude, or drive the tour loop, you can enjoy the wild and make memories here. Participate in our events to educate yourself on many aspects of nature, while having fun with family and friends.

Check the refuge website for the latest news on planned tours. Stimulate your senses in the wild areas all around you at Bosque del Apache, and get in touch with those untamed places within yourself.


“The world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting — over and over announcing your place in the family of things.”


– Excerpt from the poem Wild Geese by Mary Oliver


Video by Intermountain West Joint Venture
Video by Christi Bode
Video by Intermountain West Joint Venture
Video by Tara Tanaka
Video by Steve Siegel
Presentation by Dr. Fred Phillips
Video by Steve Siegel
Steve Siegel and Tom Hyden

Bosque del Apache Bird Sightings on e-Bird

Friends of Bosque del Apache is excited to share this link that goes directly to e-Bird data for Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge! Please check out some of the recent sightings and perhaps even share your sightings when you visit the refuge!

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