Thank you for joining us for Crane Fiesta 2021!

We had an amazing time sharing the magic of Bosque del Apache, talking about some of the work involved to make that magic happen and sharing the knowledge of some amazing bird educators and photographers! As always, there is more to come!

SHARE with Wildlife Program & Bison M

Sponsored by The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

This video provides an overview of the Share with Wildlife program at New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and gives some examples of the wide diversity of wildlife-focused projects that this non-game wildlife grant program has funded over the past several years. It also provides some general tips for high school students and young adults interested in going into the field of wildlife conservation or other natural resource-oriented careers and briefly references BISON-M ( as an excellent resource for information on New Mexico’s wildlife.

What is Share with Wildlife? The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish’s non-game enhancement program funded by donations from the public. Each year, the program distributes funds for non-game focused projects including non-game wildlife research, education, rehabilitation (i.e., wildlife rescue, treatment, and care), and habitat purchase and improvement projects.

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SHARE with Wildlife Program & Bison M

Video by New Mexico Game & Fish

Cup Quaker | Bird Sounds | Music History

Can you make an instrument that mimics the sound of a bird using a plastic cup, a piece of yarn, and a paper clip?  Throughout history, people have been inspired by the sounds of wind, water, plants and animals. People invented new sounds to mimic what they heard in nature, to express themselves, and to communicate with others.

Just like people, birds will call to each other for locating family members, making decisions on safe places to rest, for expressing feelings of joy or worry, for many reasons! Join Wonders on Wheels during the 2nd Annual Crane Fiesta to create and decorate your very own bird instrument, and see how many different bird sounds you can make!

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Cup Quaker | Bird Sounds | Music History

Video by Wonders on Wheels