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Awaken to the Wild

Enjoy expansive vistas, exquisite light, and bird songs, while getting closer to wildlife than you can in almost any other wild place. There are many ways to experience the wonder of this special habitat – you can hike, watch wildlife, photograph, educate yourself, or just breathe, meditate, and relax. Bosque del Apache offers its magic to you in every season.

Read Habitat! and bring it along as a guide on your visit (or pick up a copy at the Visitors Center). Whether you hike the trails, sit in solitude, or drive the tour loop, you can enjoy the wild and make memories here. Participate in our events to educate yourself on many aspects of nature, while having fun with family and friends.

Check the refuge website for the latest news on planned tours. Stimulate your senses in the wild areas all around you at Bosque del Apache, and get in touch with those untamed places within yourself.

“The world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting — over and over announcing your place in the family of things.”

– Excerpt from the poem Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

Upcoming Events

October 2022

1 Jan - 31 Dec


We are hopeful and excited to see you in-person this year! In the meantime, please enjoy these monthly...

1 - 3 Dec

Festival of the Cranes

We are hoping to see you in December 2022 for a new, exciting Festival of the Cranes!

Recent Videos

Friends of the Bosque del Apache: Our Flyway, Our Refuge, Our Home

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Why Eagles, Falcons and Hawks Are Top Predators: Ep. 3 | Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade

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Coyotes Have One Mission: Food – Ep. 5 | Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade

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The Birds of Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico. December, 2016

Video by Mick Thompson

Sandhill Cranes on Thin Ice

Video by Tara Tanaka

2014-11-27 Thanksgiving morning bunnies at Bosque del Apache NWR

Video by Tara Tanaka

2017 For the Love of Cranes

Video by Tara Tanaka

2017-11 Soaring Sandhill Cranes at Bosque del Apache NWR

Video by Tara Tanaka

Migrating with the Sandhill Cranes

Video by Bryan Nelson

2018-10-22 Javelina meets photographers: Who’s watching whom?

Video by Tara Tanaka

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