Festival of the Cranes 2022

We hope you enjoyed the 32nd Festival of the Cranes and we are looking forward to seeing you at the 33rd Festival in 2022! If you were not able to attend and would like more information about this event, please look at the 32nd Festival brochure below. We are preparing for next year’s event and some of the workshops and seminars in this brochure will change, but the brochure does offer a good overview of what to expect. This PDF is the complete 2019 Festival of the Cranes brochure. *PLEASE NOTE* the dates featured in this 2019 brochure will change for 2022 and this schedule is, therefore, not accurate for 2022’s Festival! For your convenience, we have the complete brochure here and a broken-down version below.

Browse through this page to learn more about previous Festival of the Crane events!

Brochure by Section

Essential Information

This file has all the essential information you need to register: Not sure how to register? This file can help. Want to know what the icons in the Event Descriptions stand for? This file can help you there too. Need a map of the of the visitor center, tour loops or venues? We have you covered there too. Please note that some of these details may change in our 33rd Festival of the Cranes.

Schedule of Events

This is an overview of the Festival schedule for 2019. For descriptions of the listed events, click on Event Descriptions.

Event Descriptions

This PDF has full descriptions of all the 2019 Festival of the Cranes events. Some of these events may be discontinued for the next event.