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Free virtual presentation – “The Rio Grande: Is the Past the Key to the Future?”

“The Rio Grande: Is the Past the Key to the Future?” by Dr. Fred Phillips, author of Reining in the Rio Grande.

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Fred’s talk will draw from his book, “Reining in the Rio Grande: People, Land, and Water”, a popular book on the environmental history of the Rio Grande in New Mexico and the challenges it faces today. (This book is available for sale at the Bosque Nature Store either in person or online.)

Dr. Fred Phillips is Professor Emeritus of Hydrology at New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology in Socorro, New Mexico. He received an undergraduate degree in Earth Science from the University of California at Santa Cruz and completed MS and Ph.D. degrees in Hydrology at the University of Arizona before taking a faculty position at New Mexico Tech in 1981. He has been on the faculty of the Earth & Environmental Science Department there since that time.

Fred has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in a wide range of earth-science topics, but especially groundwater hydrology, geochemistry of natural waters, and global climate change. His research areas include methods for determining the length of time the groundwater has spent underground, the ways in which surface-water flows arrive at streams, and how water availability and vegetation type affect each other. He has 227 publications, including 157 in peer-reviewed journals and books, and he has been recognized with several awards.


Photo by Gerald Guss.


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