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Thanks to all who celebrated with us! 

Birds of a Feather by Deborah Bentley | 2022 Art Contest Winner











Celebrate the Return of the Cranes with us!

Photo by Marvin De Jung

Come see stunning birds in vast numbers who travel the world to be in New Mexico’s back yard!

  • Three days of expert seminars & field workshops
  • Fabulous auditorium & meeting rooms at New Mexico Tech in Socorro
  • A very special Keynote Speaker
  • Wildlife Zone, for young and old
Covid Safety :: We will take every precaution to prevent the spread of Covid and carefully watch the CDC and state recommendations.

Watch Some of Our Workshop and Seminar Presenters Below


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Regenerating Diversity of Life in Soils

DECEMBER 1 • 10:00 A.M.
Dr. David Johnson, Ph. D

Learn about robust and practical mechanisms that reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide within a regenerative agricultural system. 

David’s research, in soil microbial community structure and function, has opened a window for viewing the interdependence between plants and soil microbes. Optimization of these plant-microbe associations promotes: Restoration of soil fertility; Improved growth of crops; and Increased plant-water-use efficiency, soil’s water holding capacity, soil microbial-carbon use efficiencies and soil carbon storage capabilities.

These benefits provide a path to significantly increase farm and ranch productivity and profitability due to better plant, soil, and ecosystem health. Rebuilding a soil’s microbial community population, structure, diversity and biological functionality will also provide a robust and practical mechanism to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide within a regenerative agricultural system.

Wetland Magic – The Role of Wetlands in a Changing World – Keynote

DECEMBER 1 • 7:30 P.M.
Barnaby Briggs

Around the world, more people are using more water every day. Crops and farm animals need water in ever-increasing amounts.

The climate is changing around us. But even before the effects of climate change, water has been in crisis globally. Around the world, more people are using more water every day. Cities are growing and using more water, and the waste we produce is seriously impacting the quality of the water around us. Crops and farm animals need water in ever-increasing amounts. What can we do?

Bosque del Apache is making a difference and leading the conversation on the importance of wetlands. Wetlands make a real difference to the environment, to wildlife, to the world, and to people: to livelihoods, aesthetics, and even—as we are starting to discover—mental health and wellbeing.

But while organizations can lead some of the conversation, we always need to work with others who will lead on other aspects. Working together for a better and wetter future is not wishful thinking. Creating and restoring wetlands has started and is already delivering results. It’s not too late! We need to do a lot more and to involve more people from all walks of life—like you! The vision of bigger, better, wetter wetlands is a reality, not a mirage: Wetlands Are Magic.

Barnaby Briggs

Chair, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

Keynote: Wetland Magic: The Role of Wetlands in a Changing World

Wetlands are magic – literally! Although they represent only a tiny percentage of the world’s surface, and are disappearing fast, they still have the potential to save our planet.

How can we – citizens, consumers, organizations, and private corporations – collaborate to create and restore wetlands? Our distinguished speaker, Barnaby Briggs, chair of Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), will tell you how, by sharing his practical experiences from around the globe. Creating and restoring wetlands has started and is already delivering spectacular results. It’s not too late!

If you are keen on learning more about wetlands and want to join this movement, you won’t want to miss this inspirational presentation.

Barnaby has spent his career working on environmental and social issues, “hands-on”. He began his working life in the energy sector and then moved to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds where he helped them coordinate an international biodiversity response to the Kyoto climate negotiations. Most recently, in addition to his role at the WWT, he chairs a Climate Partnership which brings together all the parties with a stake in saving the planet in a non-political forum.

Bird Watchers’ Paradise. Fantastic day trip from Albuquerque. Our nieces took us to this beautiful place to bird watch, and we saw so many birds. The sandhill cranes are in Florida, too, but not as packed together as they are here. We saw snow geese and Canada geese, on the waterways and flying high above. Beautiful sight! …We visited in late a December – cold, clear, and invigorating.”


CourtenayO, Palm Harbor, F

“This place is beyond belief! really! Come for the Festival, come the week before the festival, come the week after the festival, but come! The birds are beyond amazing. To see the sky turn black with birds during the morning mass ascension will leave an indelible tattoo on your mind. To sit in the evening and watch wave after wave after wave after wave of birds come in defies description. …We love it and will come again and again. Even if it is over a thousand miles for us, the birds flew even farther!


Charlie C. , Atascadero, CA

Exciting bird action is an understatement. Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese are the stars, but you’ll see raptors and different kinds of ducks…. There are opportunities for great bird photography. This was my second visit and I can’t wait to go back.”

Anonymous, Inver Grove Heights, MN

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