Crane Fiesta 2020 is pleased to partner with FujiFilm and Jack Graham

FujiFilm – Who are they?

“Since Fujifilm’s founding in 1934 as a photographic film manufacturer, we have expanded to become an innovative leader in a variety of business fields. We have grown into a global corporation serving consumer and business markets. Our history of innovation extends from photography and printing to medicine and life science. Our photographic and imaging products range from color film and digital cameras to photofinishing equipment. Known for our Fujinon professional TV and motion picture camera lenses, Fujifilm also makes lenses used in digital cameras and camera phones. Fujifilm is a pioneer in digital diagnostic imaging, and is expanding into the areas of preventive healthcare and treatment.”

Christopher Gilbert

Christopher Gilbert is an educator in Visual Arts–specifically photography. He currently oversees various parts of the country as a FUJIFILM Product Technical Specialist, empowering image-makers with technical knowledge to improve their understanding of crafting images. With over 15 years in the industry, he has seen both sides of the counter in terms of sales and instruction and uses his expertise to create an open environment where people feel heard and able to produce beautiful images.

Join FujiFilm and Christopher Gilbert in this live webinar:

Approaching Landscape
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Thursday, November 19th

In this class, Christopher Gilbert will expand upon the process of adding visual depth to your landscape photograph. Whether showing motion, adding foreground, or using natural means to draw attention to your focal point, you’ll be sure to walk away with a tip that will help you create a more dimensional image.

Jack Graham

Jack Graham is a professional photographer with over twenty-four years of experience. He resides near Seattle, Washington, in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Jack leads both small groups and one-on-one photography workshops domestically and internationally. He has been published in leading photography publications, has several e-books and has been successful with stock photography. Jack also conducts workshops for the Pacific Northwest Art School on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, Washington.

Jack exclusively uses Fuji “X” series cameras and Fujinon lenses and has been named an “X” Photographer by the Fuji Corporation. His images have been used extensively by Fuji for commercial and promotional purposes. Along with Bill Fortney, Jack conducts workshops dedicated to Fuji “X” camera users. These events can be found on the FUJI “X” PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTO WORKSHOPS website.

Join FujiFilm and Jack Graham in this live webinar:

Approaching Landscape
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Saturday, November 21st

Composition + Subject + Light + Gear + Attitude + Dedication = SUCCESSFUL and ARTISTIC  IMAGERY
Jack Graham will go into depth about these 6 topics that can make or break your images in a comprehensive pictorial presentation. These considerations are primary for success. Contained within this discussion are insights that perhaps we might not consider when trying our hardest to make that great image. Sometimes it is right in front of you, but you do not consider these important concepts. And even if you do, it is great to hear them again.

Hunt’s Photo & Video

Friends of Bosque del Apache and Hunt’s Photo & Video have been partners for many years. Each year Hunt’s works tirelessly to bring photography content to Friends of Bosque del Apache events through their partnerships with companies like FujiFilm. Please reach out to Hunt’s Noah Buchanan for all your photography and optics needs!

More about Hunt’s Photo & Video

“Three generations of Farber family ownership have established Hunt’s as a trendsetter in the imaging equipment industry. Begun as a pharmacy in 1889 and acquired by pharmacist Solomon Farber in 1952, Hunt’s began building its camera business during the 1950s under the visionary leadership of Solomon’s son, Jack. As interest in photography grew, Hunt’s began shifting its emphasis from the pharmacy business to the business of cameras and accessories. By 1993, imaging equipment became Hunt’s primary focus.

Led today by Jack’s sons, Scott and Gary, Hunt’s proudly serves a diverse audience of individual, corporate, educational, law enforcement, and government clients as one of the country’s largest retailers of photo, video, and digital imaging products. Visit Hunt’s 30,000 square foot flagship store at 100 Main Street, Melrose, or one of its satellite locations in Boston, MA – Cambridge, MA – Hanover, MA – Holyoke, MA – Providence, RI – So. Portland, ME – or Manchester, NH to discover how Hunt’s Photo and Video can help you create your own picture-perfect experience. Click here for directions, store locations, and hours of operation.”