Crane Fiesta 2020 is pleased to partner with Litra and Michael Novo

Litra – Who are they?

“Litra is a global award-winning brand that designs and manufactures professional grade video and camera lights. Litra pushes the limits in engineering to make the world’s best compact, rugged, waterproof lighting solutions. Whether used with a DSLR, video, action camera or smartphone – or used in a studio, wilderness or below water – Litra’s mission is to provide content creators with flexible and unlimited lighting tools. Litra enables photographers and filmmakers to focus on their craft and empowers them to create something beautiful.

The Litra Team has been designing and manufacturing broadcast LED lighting solutions for tier one brands for over eight years. With this depth of technical knowledge and a deep understanding of users needs, Litra creates innovative lighting solutions with optimized characteristics for light quality, output, efficiency, and beam pattern.

Litra has been recognized for design and innovation excellence in many of the world’s most prestigious awards competitions, including NAB, CES, IDEA, iF Design, and Good Design among others. By addressing user needs in the photography and videography market and delivering a superbly designed solution, Litra is quickly emerging as the industry leader for professional grade, compact lighting.”

Michael Novo

Michael is an international and multiverse award winning photographer of such highly super
prestigious awards as:
2012-2019 // “Best Photographer Ever” (mom award)
2016 // “Very Cute But Often Goofy Husband”
2015 // “Best Cat Belly Rub”
2014-2020 // “Lifetime Achievement Smart-aleck Award”

Michael first purchased a camera circa 2004 and realized shortly there after that he knew absolutely nothing about photography. He spent the next 5 years studying the captivating world of landscape photography before realizing that none of the trees which he photographed ever paid him so his focus shifted to people.
In 2009 he began working as an associate wedding photographer for a local studio and in 2012 he opened his Chicago based studio full-time because his previous full-time job no longer appreciated him editing images during work hours. Michael strives to always do “something new” and adapt to each client that walks in the door which results in many of his sessions having very different looks from one another. He also
enjoys writing about himself in the third person.


Join Litra and Michael Novo in this live webinar:

Light Painting Photography Technique
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Saturday, November 21st

In a wedding and portrait industry that’s overwhelmingly more saturated with photographers of all skill levels, there’s a stronger demand each day to be different and stand out from the crowd. Using a technique called “light painting”, you will witness and then create art pieces that are unlike any other on human subjects in complex environments. In this class we will first go over the various introductory methods and tools that are used to paint with light and then you will apply what you have learned in your own session. Finally you will be guided through the editing process which is where you truly add your own flavor to the final piece. You will learn about composing a scene in your mind before image capture, Lighting angles and techniques, and lighting angles and techniques. Michael Novo will also talk about Photoshop adjustment and editing, he will provide a gear review and talk about the importance of selecting the right tool for the job – for example: Strobe light vs flashlight. According to Michael, he will also offer instruction on how to be awesome in general. Michael strives to create original art that his clients will not see elsewhere and he will guide registrants on how they can find their own style.

Hunt’s Photo & Video

Friends of Bosque del Apache and Hunt’s Photo & Video have been partners for many years. Each year Hunt’s works tirelessly to bring photography content to Friends of Bosque del Apache events through their partnerships with companies like Litra. Please reach out to Hunt’s Noah Buchanan for all your photography and optics needs!

More about Hunt’s Photo & Video

“Three generations of Farber family ownership have established Hunt’s as a trendsetter in the imaging equipment industry. Begun as a pharmacy in 1889 and acquired by pharmacist Solomon Farber in 1952, Hunt’s began building its camera business during the 1950s under the visionary leadership of Solomon’s son, Jack. As interest in photography grew, Hunt’s began shifting its emphasis from the pharmacy business to the business of cameras and accessories. By 1993, imaging equipment became Hunt’s primary focus.

Led today by Jack’s sons, Scott and Gary, Hunt’s proudly serves a diverse audience of individual, corporate, educational, law enforcement, and government clients as one of the country’s largest retailers of photo, video, and digital imaging products. Visit Hunt’s 30,000 square foot flagship store at 100 Main Street, Melrose, or one of its satellite locations in Boston, MA – Cambridge, MA – Hanover, MA – Holyoke, MA – Providence, RI – So. Portland, ME – or Manchester, NH to discover how Hunt’s Photo and Video can help you create your own picture-perfect experience. Click here for directions, store locations, and hours of operation.”