7 Strand Turquoise and Coral Necklace


Santo Domingo Turquoise, coral, and heishi 7 strand necklace made by N. Coriz

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Nestoria Coriz has been making necklaces for over five decades.  Nestoria, also known at Pat Coriz to some of her family, friends and earlier customers, learned skills and techniques from her legendary father, Lupe Pena.  Early on, in the 1960s, she worked side-by-side with her father for the Tobe Turpin family in Albuquerque.  Nestoria Coriz has built a foundation of artistry from the era of nugget necklaces, the traditional ‘Navajo’ tab necklaces that were (and still are) made only by Santo Domingo artists. Nestoria still cuts her own large heishi using clam, mother of pearl and turquoise. Her traditional-contemporary designs and styling incorporate hand-made silver, distinctive drop pendants into unique art forms, including her ‘ceremonial’ and ‘war chief’ necklaces.

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