Crane Fiesta Schedule: Thursday, November 19th
Much more coming soon!

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Crane Fiesta 2020 will be a mix of virtual medias. Friends of Bosque del Apache have partnered with many educational, conservation, and photography groups to bring you pre-recorded featured videos and live webinars.

Each live event will be listed as live under the scheduled time. In order to receive the login details for the webinars, you must register for them and make sure to register for all the webinars you are interested in. We will not be sending out recordings of the photography webinars after the event.

The pre-recorded features will be posted on our Facebook page at the time listed; however, they will also be posted here in the morning of their scheduled release date.

Morning Fly Out
5:45 AM – 7:00 AM
Live webinar with USFWS staff
Sponsored by Friends of Bosque del Apache and Bosque del Apache staff

It’s early, it’s dark, and it’s cold, but you’ll be joining us live from the comfort of your home! When thousands of cranes and geese take flight, the sights and sounds are spectacular!

Bosque del Apache: Field Of Dreams On The Great River
7:15 AM 
Featured video by Friends of Bosque del Apache and US Fish and Wildlife Service with videographer Steve Siegel
Sponsored by Friends of Bosque del Apache

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is a part-time home to hundreds of species and a year-round home to hundreds more. As one of the most heavily managed refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge system, Bosque del Apache is annually prepared for each season for its inhabitants. It is also managed for endangered species that nest, live, and pass through. Join Steve Siegel and USFWS as they walk us through the history of Bosque del Apache and how this fragile eco-system is protected.

Wide Angle to Telephoto Landscapes: Capturing the Essence of the Scene 
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Live photography webinar with Kristen Ryan
Sponsored by Sigma 

Compelling landscape imagery can be created with a full range of focal lengths. From the ultra-wide to the telephoto, the best focal length is the one that captures what draws your eye to the scene and makes you click the shutter. In this class, Kristen Ryan will go through her process for choosing a lens and focal length to best tell the story of a scene. Through descriptions and image examples, she will share how she uses her wide-angle and telephoto Sigma lenses to capture the beauty of the world.

How To Select And Properly Use The Right Gear For Bird Photography
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Live photography webinar with Scott Bourne
Sponsored by Olympus 

Olympus Visionary, Scott Bourne will discuss what gear he relies on in his job as a professional wildlife photographer and will cover everything from long lens technique to proper approaches to birds in flight and more.

Birds of Prey: Introduction to the Deadly Beauty Series
1:00 PM
Featured video with Sandra Noll
Sponsored by Friends of Bosque del Apache

Species making up the family of Raptors, aka Birds of Prey include masters of the wind and soaring, a prominent national symbol, and the fastest creature on the planet. Sandra Noll weaves information, photography and story into an educational and entertaining overview of this family of birds. Created as an introduction to falconer Matt Mitchell’s in-the-field programs for the 2020 Crane Fiesta, the program also stands on its own as an informative overview of the family of Raptors.

Approaching Landscape
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Live photography webinar with Christopher Gilbert
Sponsored by FujiFilm

In this class, Christopher Gilbert will expand upon the process of adding visual depth to your landscape photograph. Whether showing motion, adding foreground, or using natural means to draw attention to your focal point, you’ll be sure to walk away with a tip that will help you create a more dimensional image.

Crane Basics
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Live webinar with Sandra Noll and Erv Nichols
Sponsored by Friends of Bosque del Apache

When watching a group of sandhill cranes, did you ever wonder, “What’s up with those birds?” Crane Basics is your opportunity to make sense of crane biology and behavior and gain knowledge that will significantly enhance your crane watching experience. Gain insights into crane migration, family life, body language, and vocalizations through photographs, captivating video, and a bit of humor too in this live webinar!

Friends of Bosque del Apache: Our Flyway, Our Refuge, Our Home
4:00 PM
Video by Friends of Bosque del Apache with videographer Christi Bode
Sponsored by Friends of Bosque del Apache

We explore Bosque del Apache and the surrounding area because of our love for wildlife and wild landscapes. We are a part of a community, a diverse and interesting community that includes the wildlife that live in the Socorro Valley or visit often. It also includes our passionate community of conservation groups and concerned citizens that care about the refuge, the Rio Grande, and continental flyways. In this featured video, we will learn more about the diverse community members and their perspectives on the Rio Grande, our local area, the birds that join us each year, and the importance of refuges to all life on our planet.

Mirrorless Cameras for Wildlife Photography
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Live photography webinar with Shiv Verma
Sponsored by Panasonic

The camera technology of the last several years has made wildlife, bird, and birds in flight photography easier than it was before. New digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLR) have made action photography much easier than it was when the manual focus was the rule rather than the exception. Now Mirrorless cameras have entered the realm of nature, wildlife, and action photography. Shiv Verma will address the various features of Mirrorless cameras and how to set them up to obtain images that are at par with the best of DSLR’s. You will learn how to obtain tack sharp images; Exposure; Auto Focus Modes; Manual Focus; Flight shot Techniques – handheld and using a tripod with an appropriate lens mount; Panning techniques, and much more.

Evening Fly In
4:30 PM – 5:45 PM
Live webinar with USFWS staff
Sponsored by Friends of Bosque del Apache and Bosque del Apache staff

As the shadows grow long and the sun begins to set, thousands of geese and cranes return to the nighttime safety of the wetlands on the refuge. Join us live to view this spectacular scene!

Creating Fantastic Images – Composition and Compositional Guidelines for Wildlife Photographers
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Live photography webinar with Hector Astorga
Sponsored by Sony

We do not take photographs; we create them!  Join us for a program on composition and compositional guidelines.  Hector Astorga will share what he looks for when he creates his images.  He will discuss and show examples of how to combine guidelines and elements to create amazing photographs.  This program will demonstrate how to start looking for compositions in the field and how to perfect them.

Swag Social
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Live webinar with Friends of Bosque del Apache

Join Friends of Bosque del Apache for a fun night of showing off your Bosque del Apache Swag! Join us on Zoom for a quick welcome and fashion show!