Bosque del Apache’s wells are failing.

Because of severe and continuous drought, Bosque del Apache must depend on wells to provide a crucial, reliable water source for migratory birds. Unfortunately, many of our wells are in disrepair and on the brink of failure.

WELL of HOPE Project

We believe in the strength of our community to create a Well of Hope in the midst of this crisis. And our goal is as beautiful as the refuge we support:

Raise just over $700,000 to refurbish 11 wells.

Every drop counts!

“I hope that 50 years from now, my children are able to come and see this beautiful place and bring their children and still see the tens of thousands of waterfowl moving across the sky…

I don’t want to lose those things. I don’t think humanity wants to lose those things.

– DEB WILLIAMS, Refuge Manager, Bosque del Apache

Become a Sponsor for the Well of Hope Project

The cost of well each repair and replacement runs from $43,000 to over $76,000. Please fill out the form below to set up a call and find out more about major donations to this critically important project.


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