A sustaining community of HOPE

Your MONTHLY DONATION can ensure the survival of one of the rarest and most fragile jewels in New Mexico.


Friends of Bosque del Apache is unique in our role as the only nonprofit whose sole mission is to support Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge


The OASIS is a group of hopeful and determined monthly givers on a quest to preserve the delicate ecosystems of Bosque del Apache, one of the last remaining wetlands in New Mexico. Nature lovers just like you from every corner of our state, across the US, and from several countries know the power of flocking together in spectacular numbers.

Keep the Channels Flowing!

Here’s the impact your monthly gift can have:

$25 / Month

Provides a full month of food and fresh water to Arboretum songbirds

$45 / Month

Brings six school buses of local school children to the refuge for a field trip

$100 / Month

Supports an environmental education video for the public or school children

$125 / Month

Provides an unforgettable season of service and learning to a summer college intern

$600 / Month

Provides supplies for critical endangered species work

$1000 / Month

Makes an AmeriCorp Experience (ACE) intern available to the refuge

Our Board of Directors has created a $23,000 Matching Fund!
All donations will be doubled up until we hit this generous amount! 

Uncertainty in this time seems to be the nature of things, but by giving monthly I know that I am helping the Friends support what the refuge most needs now. Walking or driving onto the refuge, I know that I am, with my small monthly donation, helping to feed that part of me that expands every time I am there.


Don Boyd


As a monthly contributor I honor the gifts the refuge has given me and I feel an integral part of its future. Each time I visit I come away with a deeper appreciation of how my small, consistent gift contributes to the whole. I’m also reassured by the Friends’ targeted support of essential refuge projects which honors my contribution.


Sandra Noll

Monthly Donor Benefits

Monthly BOSQUE WATCH Newsletter

Containing current events and articles from the refuge, detailing what your contributions are making possible

Quarterly Community Calls

Get your questions answered and learn from refuge or Friends staff and/or special guests

Early Registration

Be the first to know about special events with early bird notices

Member Portal

Access your contact information and make changes to your contribution

Special Offers and More as We Grow!

This is YOUR community – share your ideas and help us grow!

There is no limit to how high we can fly when we choose to soar together

Monthly donations provide us with sustained and predictable income, which not only empowers us to fulfill our promises to the refuge, but also to YOU, our remarkable community of supporters. Without you, our conservation and advocacy work would simply not be possible.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 

Sunrise to Sunset. My adventures on the refuge of Bosque del Apache are all day events. Every birthday in December, I stand near a water’s edge ready to greet the sun, as bird silhouettes grace the morning sky and their symphony begins!

Each visit develops into a whole new adventure of birding and observing wildlife. Birding photography has become a source of mindfulness in my life. My observation skills have sharpened as has my knowledge of bird species. I see the refuge as an endless outdoor classroom full of wonder.

My monthly contribution to Friends of Bosque del Apache is my way of giving back and a way to express profound gratefulness to those who pour their expertise, passion and love of nature for all of us who visit. What we have here is a rare gift throughout the refuge’s diverse habitats.



Both for myself and in memory of my mom, I want to give monthly and help the Friends and Bosque del Apache thrive. I’ve lived in New Mexico most of my life and made many trips to Bosque del Apache throughout my life, especially with my mother in my childhood. My mom always loved watching the cranes lift off the wetlands in the winter, the hummingbirds in the flowers in summer, and the sunflowers that carpet the refuge fields in early autumn. Now that she is gone, one way I can connect back to those times is to visit Bosque del Apache – an important refuge for wildlife, but also for me personally.

I’ve done many graphics projects for the Friends, so I’ve learned so much about what it takes to keep the refuge going strong. I also understand better what the Friends do and why they need ongoing support in order to fundraise, advocate, and educate the public on behalf of this beautiful place. My contribution is one way that I can give back to a place that has given so much to me and my family, and another way to honor my mom’s memory as she loved this refuge so much.



Active Hope is not wishful thinking.
Active Hope is not waiting to be rescued . . . .
by some savior.
Active Hope is waking up to the beauty of life
on whose behalf we can act.
We belong to this world.
The web of life is calling us forth at this time.
We’ve come a long way and are here to play our part.
With Active Hope we realize that there are adventures in store,
strengths to discover, and comrades to link arms with.
Active Hope is a readiness to discover the strengths
in ourselves and in others;
a readiness to discover the reasons for hope
and the occasions for love.
A readiness to discover the size and strength of our hearts,
our quickness of mind, our steadiness of purpose,
our own authority, our love for life,
the liveliness of our curiosity,
the unsuspected deep well of patience and diligence,
the keenness of our senses, and our capacity to lead.
None of these can be discovered in an armchair or without risk.


Bosque del Apache is a peaceful place for us as well as for our beloved birds. It has endured for years as proof of our devotion as stewards of this natural marvel. As a monthly contributor, I am steward for the refuge, but also for the Friends who do so much to ensure that this place thrives.



The Friends are a great asset to Bosque del Apache, one of the most important and welcoming refuges in the nation. Members making regular, monthly donations to the Friends provide it with financial stability and a sounder basis for future planning. A monthly gift, even if not large, is one of the best things you can do to help the refuge and the Friends. My monthly donation makes me feel more a part of the critical conservation work that our wildlife desperately need and deserve.



Bosque del Apache is a critical endeavour to support wildlife that have been depleted by development and pollution. When birds migrate to Bosque del Apache their survival is sustained and improved. While I provide support to other nature focused organizations, the support of this refuge is a primary concern. This is why I choose to provide direct regular support to the Friends.



Every Drop Counts!

© Friends of Bosque del Apache 2021-22

Photos by Susan J. Preston, John Courtney, April Moroso

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