Photo by Steven Yabek

Friends Annual Meeting – Part of our Spring Migration Celebration Event

Thank you for joining us for our Annual Meeting and Keynote Presentation in May of 2024.

It is an exciting time for all to be engaged in discussions on our shared water future. There are opportunities coming up for the Friends to meet other stakeholders in the Middle Rio Grande. Through shared learning and advocacy, we can assure that the natural environment along the Rio Grande, including the jewels of the national and state refuges, are protected and have the capacity to thrive in the future.

Gina Dello Russo, local advocate for the Rio Grande, gave a short overview of the available science that will inform how we move into our water future. She also spoke to the Friends about the many ways they can become involved in local and regional discussions and actions to assure that our shared voices are heard, and our concerns are addressed.

Please view our 2023 and 2024 State of the Friends Presentation for more details on accomplishments, projects, events, and Friends’ financial situation during the last two Fiscal Years.

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