Our Donors

Memorials & Major Donors


Contributions made to the Friends In Memory Of or In Honor Of a loved one between July 15th, 2021 – October 15th, 2021.

In Memory Of Loyal & Mildred Benham
Jeff Benham
Tom Benham

In Honor Of Irene Dickerman
Lori Burns

In Memory Of Rosalind Genova
Gino Genova

In Memory Of John Paul Taylor
Mike Caldarella

In Honor Of Trudi Terry
Lori Burns

In Memory Of Tom Weir
David Hicks

Donations of $350 +

Made to the Friends between July 15th, 2021 – October 15th, 2021.

Lannan Foundation
Jim & Penny Lommen
Brad & Victoria Stamm
Margaret & Paul White

Legacy Club

Those who have designated the Friends in their will or have made a life-income gift.

Lynne Braden

Nancy B. Crutchfield

Marla Davis

Maxine Johnson

Sylvia Koerber

Dave & Luween Smith

Major Donors

Cumulative Donations of $5,000 + made to the Friends of Bosque del Apache.

Valerie & Thomas Armer

Ann Catlett

Tom & Jeff Benham

Ann Catlett

Barbara Dubois

Pat Funes

Forest Graber

Lisa Gwin

​Marylin & Warren Harkey

​Lawrence & Helen Hollar

Lannan Foundation

Emerson & Cheryl Learn Bus Scholarship Fund

Lane Leckman & Deb Hall

Jim & Penny Lommen

Jonathan & Tina Manley

Sonja Mendoza

Hon. Donald R. Myers & Susan Dressel-Myers

Elaine Petschek

Evelyn Petschek

Mark Petschek

Rolfe & Jane Petschek

S.B. Foundation

​JR Seeger & Lise Spargo

Jane Stieren Lacy

​James D. & Jane P. Watermolen

Margaret & Paul White