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Memorials & Major Donors



Contributions made to the Friends In Memory Of or In Honor Of a loved one between April 15th, 2022 – July 31st, 2022.

In Memory Of Raoul Bates 

Becky Haas
Karen Schlue

In Memory Of Kevin M. Hargis

Shirley Hargis
Bill & Glenda Williams

In Memory Of Cheryl Learn 

David Snead & Charles Butler

Donations of $350 +


Made to the Friends between April 15th, 2022 – July 31st, 2022.

David F. Aldridge
Pat Funes
Ruth & Robert Hucks
Kathleen Puffer

Legacy Club


Those who have designated the Friends in their will or have made a life-income gift.

Lynne Braden

Nancy B. Crutchfield

Marla Davis

Maxine Johnson

Sylvia Koerber

Dave & Luween Smith

Major Donors


Cumulative Donations of $5,000 + made to the Friends of Bosque del Apache.

Valerie & Thomas Armer

Tom & Jeff Benham

Ann Catlett

Jonathan Dowell, Ph.D.

Barbara Dubois

Pat Funes

Forest Graber

Lisa Gwin

​Marylin & Warren Harkey

​Lawrence & Helen Hollar

Lannan Foundation

Emerson & Cheryl Learn Bus Scholarship Fund

Lane Leckman & Deb Hall

Jim & Penny Lommen

Jonathan & Tina Manley

Sonja Mendoza

Hon. Donald R. Myers & Susan Dressel-Myers

Elaine Petschek

Evelyn Petschek

Mark Petschek

Rolfe & Jane Petschek


Jim & Mary Ruff

S.B. Foundation

​JR Seeger & Lise Spargo

Jane Stieren Lacy

​James D. & Jane P. Watermolen

Margaret & Paul White










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