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Our Mission


We support Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and promote appreciation and conservation of wildlife and habitat.

Our Vision


The Friends are a model organization within the wildlife conservation community. We raise sufficient funds and support for Bosque del Apache to be able to maintain the level of conservation and leadership required to ensure that the wetlands and wildlife that they support are sustained.

Our Strategy


The Friends’ 10-year strategy connects to Friends’ mission & vision and will use acquired funding to support five distinct activities — SPEAR:

  • Support the refuge.
  • Partner with a variety of organizations that can contribute to the advancement of the refuge.
  • Educate in conjunction with the refuge about environmental concerns, needs of wildlife, and conservation practices.
  • Advocate for relevant preservation and conservation issues to help ensure that lawmakers make wise decisions about issues that matter to the refuge.
  • Research – Friends will support the refuge’s research needs through project funding and grant management in collaboration with universities and other organizations that specialize in these areas.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement


Friends of Bosque del Apache is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and promote appreciation and conservation of wildlife and habitat. We believe that this habitat is a treasure to be appreciated by all, which should be preserved for future generations.

We acknowledge that a history of discrimination and exclusion has influenced who has access to and feels comfortable within the conservation movement. We recognize that this is reflected in the limited diversity within the wider scientific and conservation communities. We commit to being an organization that empowers people of all backgrounds, beliefs, colors and creeds to join in, benefit from and contribute to our mission.

We strive for inclusivity of all persons, regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or other status. We support equitable and inclusive hiring practices, and we strive to honor heterogenous voices, listen to different perspectives and partner with diverse stakeholders to co-create solutions which benefit all.

We believe that being inclusive and equitable is essential to our work of inspiring the next generation of conservationists and embracing different ways of stewarding this land. We acknowledge that dismantling systemic oppression and exclusion and overcoming implicit biases will require participation by all people and communities. We welcome feedback along this journey – please contact us to discuss opportunities to partner with and support this work, or simply to share your thoughts and ideas.

Making a difference since 1993


View these slides and accomplishments brochure to see how Friends of Bosque del Apache has been making a tangible and significant difference at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge since 1993, all thanks to the generous donations and hard work of Friends like you!



















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