Photo by Don Boyd

Janet was elected to the board in 2023 and serves on the Friends Advocacy Committee. Janet is passionate about wildlife and Bosque del Apache, where she has enjoyed the opportunity to participate in events, classes, and meetings for over a decade.  She has attended birding and photography classes at Festival of the Cranes over many years. From her home in White Rock, NM, she loves seeing and hearing the cranes fly over each spring and fall. Now that she is about to retire, she wants to pursue her art and volunteer to support the Friends and the refuge with her many skills.

Janet is a training professional with over thirty years’ experience in a range of instructional and educational settings. She has been skilled at developing effective working relationships with clients and staff even during times of change and uncertainty. She has managed work groups in various organizations performing a range of activities/projects including programs with instructional analysis, design, development, and evaluation components. Her skills include business planning, budgeting, scheduling, staffing, developing client and staff relations, development, and improvement of processes, ensuring work quality, managing overall and day-to-day work, and project and program activities. Janet is also very experienced in program development and planning as well as instruction design and development. She is a skilled communicator: writing proposals, strategic training plans and training materials, and research reports; and designing and delivering presentations. Since 2005, Janet has served as the Group Leader of Training Services at Los Alamos National Labs. Previously, she was an education administrator in the New Mexico Public Education Department, supporting professional development activities for NM teachers.



















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