American Wigeon Drake, by Mike Croyle

Words and all photos by Sue & Mike Croyle

Our volunteer assignment at Bosque del Apache last year was two-fold: firstly, to interact with visitors on the tour loop and, secondly, to photograph small birds. Along the way we met many wonderful people who were passionate about the refuge. Some were wide-eyed first-time visitors who were in awe of the number of birds and animals they were seeing. Others were returnees who wanted to seek out a few more species or get re-acquainted with their favorites. Be it returnees, first-timers, or somewhere in between, it was exciting each time a visitor expressed their enthusiasm and appreciation for the Bosque. We could not have had a better volunteer experience.

A few of our photos are included below. We hope you enjoy them. More of our work can be seen on Facebook at SJ Croyle and Mike Croyle.

A beautiful kestral perched on a twig at Bosque del Apache

Photo by Mike Croyle



BdA Harris’s Sparrow 7807 2xEdit 112621


Sandhill Cranes Landing


Black-throated Sparrow


Bewick’s Wren at Marsh Overlook


Brewer’s Sparrow Desert Arboretum


Male House Finch


House Sparrows Juvenile Desert Arboretum


Male Lesser Goldfinch

Lincoln’s Sparrow




Phainopepla female

Phainopepla male


Pyrrhuloxia male


Male and female Redheads


Ring-necked Duck

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet


Savannah Sparrow


Says Phoebe


Western Meadowlark


Immature White-crowned Sparrow


yellow-rumped Warbler fem Myrtle BdA DSC 1010 2XEdit 012522

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