“There is a sense of joy in being totally present in the moment and celebrating the beauty that is unfolding before me.”  -Tobi Clement


On the left, Morning Greeting by Tobi Clement, and on the right, the photograph that inspired the artwork, which was taken on the cut-through road, off the south loop at Bosque del Apache.

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is more than a winter haven that provides critical food and refuge for migratory birds. It is also a haven where we mere mortals can revel in a celebration of beauty! Each day is unique, each year different from the last, and through the creative expression of a photographer, writer or artist, we serve to document the history of this place. More now than ever, as changes take place on our planet, I choose to celebrate loudly the beauty that is nature.

Must You Go? by Tobi Clement

One very quiet, frosty morning, we were up before dawn, the rhythm of our breathe captured in the freezing air as my husband patiently waited for the fly-out of the Sandhill cranes. I was looking at the same scene through artist’s eyes, watching the pale golden light as it began to caress the landscape. A heavy pale violet fog sat thickly on the water as a myriad of birds’ songs, an expression of their excitement and celebration of another day, filled the air. Their sounds of pure joy enveloped me as I excitedly set up my easel in hopes of capturing this foggy morning.

Stay With Me Forever by Tobi Clement

Often a composition will unfold faster than I could ever paint, so I rely on photographs. I have a distinct memory of a sunset that occurred while many photographers and artists waited on the middle road in anticipation of the evening fly-in of geese and sandhill cranes. As the sun set, wave after wave of breathtaking colors exploded in the clouds, each crescendo of brilliant hues lighting up the sky and reflecting onto the water. The orchestral arrangement presented by the incoming sandhill cranes accompanied our gleeful dashing in search of the best photographic opportunity! This brief moment in time united complete strangers in a celebration of beauty that left us all filled with joy!

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge has been my haven for a decade and provided endless inspiration. Surrounded by the chorus of migratory birds, I celebrate and honor it’s beauty through my art. This is my church, my haven, where I feel connected to spirit.

Tobi visits Bosque del Apache to paint in the serene and majestic tranquility that the refuge provides.

Tobi Clement lives in Santa Fe, NM and her artwork is represented by Canyon Road Contemporary Art gallery. You can find more of Tobi’s work at TobiClementArtist.com.

Tobi and her husband, photographer Douglas Maahs will both be showcasing their work at Harry’s Roadhouse Café in Santa Fe, NM Nov 9 – Dec 11,2022 and have graciously decided to donate a portion of all proceeds to benefit Friends of Bosque del Apache. Tobi says, “Friends of Bosque needs our continued financial assistance to support and protect this critical haven. To see collection and purchase online, visit: https://www.tobiclementartist.com/viewcollection/182190.

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